staff workshop

Are you a business involved in childcare? Healthcare? Do

you have expectant or new mothers on your staff? Do you have parents as customers? 

We can provide staff training on a one to one or group basis

to help you keep your skills and policies up to scratch.

The topics we can cover are broad and the sessions fully customisable but could include:

  • Care of the breastfed infant by care providers

  • Preparation, storage and delivery of milks by bottle (expressed breastmilk and artificial milks) while optimising infant development

  • The importance of attachment and how to support it in a care setting

  • Workplace breastfeeding policy and procedure development

  • Becoming a breastfeeding friendly/supportive establishment

  • Breastfeeding for medical professionals

Please contact us for a no obligation chat about how we could help your business

staff brainstorming