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Infant Feeding Training


Level 3: Enhanced Skills

About this course:

This is a group of courses specialised to be relevant to particular groups such as peer supporters, midwifery and neonatal practitioners, health visitors and medical staff.

Each course covers the skills and knowledge needed to support breast/chest feeding dyads and others with new babies effectively throughout their journey within that scope of practice.


The content covers BFI UK requirements for training and participants can receive a certificate of competence.

Pre requisites: None

Length: Varies, see further details

Format: Video, text, online workshop, discussion group

Language: English

Accessibility: Subtitles available for video

Assessment: Online multiple choice tests

Price: TBC

Next start date: TBC

Course Options:

Enhanced Skills for Peer Supporters
Enhanced Skills for Midwives and Neonatal Care
Enhanced Skills for Health Visitors
Enhanced Skills for Medical Professionals

Brief Course Outline:

​Each course is tailored to be pertinent to the scope of practice of the participants but will fall under the categories of:

  • UK and global context of breast feeding and chestfeeding

    • WHO Code​

  • The role and importance of breastfeeding​

  • Supporting early relationships

  • Biology and physiology of human lactation

  • Supporting effective breastfeeding

    • Night-times and sleep​

  • Supporting the safe and responsive feeding of human milk substitutes​

  • Your role within infant feeding support

    • Communication skills​

    • Supporting diversity

  • Clinical issues​