More than a Breastfeeding Workshop!


We don't need to 'sell' breastfeeding to you, that's not our role. Our role is to make sure you have access to the high quality, practical, and realistic information you need to make confident, positive choices that are right for your family.

Attending a breastfeeding workshop led by an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) means that you have the opportunity to pick our brains, to benefit from our experience as specialists supporting with infant feeding on a daily basis and to get your questions answered. 


You can't just look at breast or chest feeding as a stand-alone item so we show how it fits in to the wider themes of birth, infant development and life with a newborn.

We cover all of the topics listed below in but are also responsive to the requests and needs of the group.

Nutrition and Nurture Basics.
Explore what human milk is, how your body works and why it is biologically tailored for human beings. We also discuss normal infant behaviour so you know what to expect and feel confident that you are supporting your baby's brain development.

All For Me

We also offer a completely customised session (around 2 hrs) at a venue of your choice, at a time and date to suit you.

This could be just for 2 of you or if you know a small group why not turn it into an antenatal party?

You may want your 'All For Me' session to include, for example, a debrief session to talk through previous experiences, talking about concerns specific to you, or maybe have one simply because you feel you could learn more one to one.


All of our workshops assume there will be 2 people attending - though you are more than welcome to bring more by arrangement




Victoria is deeply passionate about women's health and healing through all the stages of life and she offers a continuum of yoga classes to support this journey. She trained with BIRTHLIGHT and teaches pre-natal, post-natal, mother and baby and nurturing baby massage. Alongside pregnancy yoga, she runs Childbirth Preparation for a Positive Birth workshops and Hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birth.

We are proud to work alongside a number of experienced professionals who deliver quality antenatal education echoing our own ethos.

Why not have a look at what they have to offer and book a birth education class alongside our infant feeding one?