Clare in Boobland - Part II

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

For those of you who haven't managed to read the first part of this blog the quick rundown is: Before my son I was terrified of babies. I suffered from fairly severe tokophobia (fear of pregnancy and birth) which had meant that I'd avoided anything to do with the little critters or their mothers.

Then I got a baby. Part II is all about how that led to me being in a career where I spend inordinate amounts of time with babies and pregnant women - and I LOVE it.

So, back to me finding out that I'm pregnant (weepy, terrified, all that jazz). Deciding how we were going to feed the baby once he arrived was another massive hurdle.

At first my reactions against breastfeeding were so strong that I didn’t think it was an option at all. The fear of exposing my body and having to be so intimate with a baby was a massive barrier. On the other hand, to my husband that was just how babies got fed, it was totally natural. His attitude, as well as being around friends nursing, encouraged me to find out more. I discovered the enormous physical and psychological benefits of breastfeeding, for us both, and I began to come round.

The clinch came when I really thought about how it might help me with bonding and Post Natal Depression - something I was very anxious about. I knew I was going to have to be brave and go for it.