Laid Back Position vs Baby-led

Laid back position, biological nurturing, natural breastfeeding, baby-led positioning. All the same thing, right?

Something crystallised for me recently and I wanted to share it in case it creates a similar shift for anyone else. I love Aha! moments and this one was really powerful for me.

When I was working as an Infant Feeding Support Worker I was aware of the 'laid back position'. I taught about it in classes, knew it often got used straight after the birth but actually secretly kind of hated it. It never seemed to work. I couldn't get the babies to latch any better using it. Families found it restrictive and faffy. I knew some people raved about it but I thought they were exaggerating or mistaken, maybe dealing with babies at a different stage to me (I was mainly dealing with newborns).

Then during my IBCLC training I watched a presentation by Nancy Mohrbacher at a conference, she explained and showed her Natural Breastfeeding approach and talked about it being 'baby-led' rather than 'mother-led' . In my head it was the just the same old thing so I left mildly unimpressed, convinced it wouldn't work for most dyads. But something about it wouldn't let me let go, it kept niggling at me and nudging me. These were extremely experienced lactation professionals, surely they knew what they were talking about? I felt I had to give it a really good 'go' to make sure I wasn't missing out on something.