Our Story (Guest Blog - By Kayleigh Evans)

Prior to having my own children, I had always assumed that breastfeeding was either something that your boobs could do, or couldn't.

In 2014, I fell pregnant with my first daughter and I made the decision to "try" breastfeeding whilst pregnant. At 26 years old and one of the first of my friends to have a baby, the only stories I'd heard about breastfeeding were from the older women in my family.

My mum couldn't make milk.

My Nana couldn't make milk.

My maternal aunties couldn't make milk.

I thought naively that women fell into one of 2 camps:

-could make milk.

-couldn't make milk.

I tried breastfeeding my first daughter, but we were unsuccessful; my milk came in on day 5 and I'd assumed up until this point that I just happened to fall into the latter camp. By this point, she was drunk on large doses of formula and I couldn't keep up with her feeds. The last straw came when I'd managed to pump a whole 4oz of breastmilk, only for it to fall into the bath.