Plans are made to be broken - Guest Blog

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

By Caroline Staton

Yesterday my twin girls turned 9 months old. As many of us do, I wanted to take some nice photos to commemorate the day and I picked out some of their (my) favourite clothes for them to wear.  Grace has been under the weather this week, so I didn't manage to dress her before we went out for the day, as she fell asleep.  Never mind - I packed her clean clothes in the nappy bag and we headed out to meet friends at Ruby's Fund in Congleton (if you haven't taken you little one there, you really should!)

While we were there I eventually got Grace dressed into her baby pink dungarees, then took Molly for a nappy change.  I returned to a very upset Grace and upon picking her up for a cuddle I realised that the source of her distress was to do with an explosion in her nappy, with major consequences for her cute pink dungarees.  Back in the baby changing room I discover that the only spare clothes I had with me (on account of her having peed on the baby grow I had brought her in) was a baby grow in the next size up, which absolutely drowned her.  As a result of this I didn't take their 9 months photo until today - a day late (and as you can see, that one didn't quite go as intended either.) But on reflection, I really wish I had taken it yesterday, because it would have been a much more accurate portrait.

just because I want or think something is going to happen a certain way, often it won't and there's little I can do about it.