Playing with Young Babies (Conchita)

Most people know and understand how to play with older babies and toddlers but how to play with a baby under 3 months old is something people don’t often think about.

Babies are born with the ability to learn about the world around them through play and communication. They don’t need many toys but there are things you can do from an early age which will help in physical, emotional, cognitive and social development.

It will also break up your day and you will feel better having done something different. It is also FUN!

YOU are the most important playmate although partners and siblings are fab too.

Baby watches you and other family members' faces, listens to their voices and soon start to respond with smiles, giggles and cooing.

The more you sing, talk and coo to your baby the quicker they will respond. Even if you poke your tongue out to baby when playing they will start to copy you. You might not be so appreciative when they are toddlers though! They love cuddles, kisses blowing raspberries etc but things such as tummy time, different sensory stimulants are important too.

First ideas:

Remember always follow your baby’s lead. If they don’t want to play don’t take it personally. They are easily tired and need quiet time and sleep. So as soon as baby shows signs of having enough, be respectful of baby’s need and stop. There will be plenty of opportunities another time .

Next time I will talk about treasure boxes and more about sensory play ideas

Have fun and enjoy playing and learning together!

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