Infant Feeding Support


Support at Home

Our Lactation Consultants are available to provide one to one support in the comfort of your own home, or any location you feel comfortable in.

If you have concerns about how breastfeeding will work for you or have had previous bad experiences then an antenatal consultation will help to put your mind at ease and a plan in place.

Are you experiencing sore nipples? Having

concerns about your latch or milk supply?

Did you start bottle feeding but really want to breastfeed or vice versa? Unsure how to make alternative milks safely?


Are you looking for a plan to transition back to work? Thinking about night weaning? Or weaning from the breast altogether? Wondering how to introduce solids?

Nutrition and Nurture can help!

Consultations currently usually begin with an initial video meeting (to reduce Cocid-19 related risks) to talk through your history and resolve as much as possible remotely - often this is enough. A video consultation costs £50. If you agree for a home visit from your practitioner the cost would be agreed between you but would usually be a further £50 (if within their area).


Visit our Office

If you are close to Congleton, Cheshire, you might want to consider an appointment in our cosy office.

Appointments are for a maximum of 90 minutes and cost £62.50


Clinic Days


We are currently trialling specific fortnightly clinic days with 90 minute appointment available under a special fee structure. Currently these are running at our office in Congleton but we are hoping to expand to other areas if the trials are successful.

                                   The fee structure is a 'Pay what you Earn' system where we encourage you to think about how much you might earn for 1.5hr and base your payment on that. The hope is that it will allow people to access IBCLC services who might otherwise not be able to for financial reasons. If you are able to pay above our normal appointment rate (£62.50) then we can add the extra to our 'Equity Pot'  which allows us to offer discounted visits to those with financial barriers.


Support Bundles

Booking a bundle of support together will save you money and if you don't use all of the sessions, don't worry, we will refund you any extra.

Packages can be flexible to meet your needs so just ask for a quote if you have an idea in mind.

Support bundles make an ideal gift and can be delivered as an attractive voucher with a personalised message.