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Baby girl, 3 months


"I have found Clare to provide excellent and thorough support and advice and she really knows her stuff when it comes to breastfeeding. 

She has encouraged me hugely in my breastfeeding journey and made the ride smoother, provided useful resources and a good follow up, together with putting me in touch with the local bf group to ensure I have access to ongoing support. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others."

Postnatal Support

Interactive nature, very personal and put everyone at ease.


Covered lots of different aspects about breastfeeding.


I feel much better informed after the session

Antenatal Party

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Baby girl, 4 weeks


Clare came to visit me at home after I contacted her as I was having trouble feeding following a tongue tie which had been cut. Clare was very thorough: she went through feeding positions, general feeding, answered my questions and gave advice. She then checked my baby's mouth for potential issues. She advised me to contact the tongue tie clinic again as she suspected regrowth.

2 days later regrowth was confirmed at the tongue tie clinic and it was cut again. We have been feeding well ever since and even managed to get rid of the nipple shields after 5 weeks use.

Really grateful to Clare as I hadn't even suspected it could have grown back again.

Clare was really friendly, gentle and understanding all the way through, adding no pressure whatsoever.

Thanks for your help Clare.

Postnatal Support

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