Covid-19 Update

Good news!

Nutrition and Nurture are starting to re-introduce some home consultations as a complement to our video consultations.


In order to protect our clients and practitioners we are minimising face-to-face time so clients will still be requested to attend a video consultation before any home visit is offered.

Please click the link below to book.

Other Projects

Our IBCLCs are involved in a number of additional projects as a result of the pandemic which may be of interest to our clients and followers. Please visit the links below for further information.

Breastfeeding Education in Pregnancy Pro
This project is offering free online antenatal breastfeeding workshops to those in the UK - including one specifically from an Islamic perspective.
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Two of our IBCLCs are working in alongside Active Cheshire, Cheshire and Merseyside Maternity Voices Partnership, MSP and Cheshire and Merseyside Women's and Children's Services Partnership to deliver Facebook LIVE sessions to help ensure everyone has access to the information they need.