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Parents often get very anxious about how and when to start introducing their baby to solids foods alongside their milk.

This workshop aims to demystify the whole process: stripping away the complications so you can feel confident in your decisions and your skills.

We explore:

  • A little of the history of infant feeding and how recommendations have developed

  • Current guidelines (UK based)

  • The options available to you, their positives and negatives

  • How solids fit in with milk feeds

  • What foods to start with

  • Commercial foods - the good and bad

  • How to keep things safe

  • Practical tips to make it work for your family

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The workshops are open to all but recommended for those with babies approaching 4 months or beyond.

We welcome partners/grandparents/other carers so that everyone has access to the same up-to-date information and can 'sing from the same hymn-sheet'.

Email us to find out when our next session is running or ask any questions.

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