20 things your 3-6 month old might be starting to do (Conchita)

During these early months baby is still learning about themselves, other people and how the world looks, sounds, feels and smells. YOU and the family are still the most important playmates.They love you unconditionally and think you are the best thing on earth. They still

need you and the family to guide through what is happening around them. Over the next

few months they will be learning lots of new skills and need you to help them feel safe.

Your baby is changing quickly and learning new skills all the time. Parents are often anxious about whether their baby is behind with their development and curious about what might be coming next. They all develop a different rates and focus on different skills at different times so don't worry if your baby isn't able to do something another baby the same age can - they are probably concentrating on learning something else.

Here are some of the things we would expect a 3-6 month old to be able to do

Some of them might also be able to:

And by six months they should be able to:

Some people might be thinking about starting complementary solid foods at around 6 months. Solid foods should not be introduced until baby is able to sit up and hold their head up unaided, bring food to their mouth themselves and keep it in without their tongue thrusting it back out.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child's development talk to your Health Visitor, they may be able to put your mind at ease.

So what has this got to do with play?

Age appropriate play is important. I know our children are brilliant, unique and highly

advanced for their age , of course they are and we love them for it. But do you remember

that feeling when you don’t understand something resulting in you not wanting to do it? Or

when something is so easy, that you are bored and so you don’t want to do it? Well it is the

same outcome for both reasons and baby is no different.

So, if play is age appropriate then baby is more likely to have fun and in turn you will have fun too.

Look out for Nutrition and Nurture's 'Play and Development' online workshops to learn more about how your baby develops, what you can do to support them and some super fun play ideas!

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