Treasure Baskets(Conchita)

A Treasure basket is a collection of interesting, safe materials for babies and young children

to explore using all of their senses. I love them, they are brilliant for sensory development, self -esteem, physical development and imagination for both Baby and Carer!

A Treasure basket is a collection of interesting, safe materials for babies and young children

to explore using all of their senses.

A Treasure Basket will give the baby/child the opportunity to explore items they don’t

normally have access to. Babies and young children primarily use their hands, feet, mouth,

and fingers to explore. Children can use the items in the basket to smell, weigh, feel, drop,

bang and much more! It is important to use different textures and natural objects as much

as possible as plastic objects are very similar in many ways, smooth, odourless, and have no

taste or natural definition.

Babies learn initially through their senses and by giving them a wide variety of items to feel,

suck, see, listen to and smell helps their brains to make the necessary connections and

offers intense but flexible opportunities to learn.

A treasure basket should not tip over too easily - Fill the basket with objects, so that your baby has plenty to choose from.

Babies often want to put everything into their mouths.Make sure that everything you choose for the basket is safe.

Everyday items from around

the home are best. E.g. small wooden spoon, a metal teaspoon, a sponge, a

brush, a loofah,

a smooth pebble, a pompom, a wooden rattle, different textured fabrics , bubbles etc

When using a Treasure Basket sit with baby and watch to give your baby confidence. If baby is unable to sit alone sit with baby in between your legs. Make sure that your baby is seated

comfortably and safely, with cushions for support if necessary. There is no need to talk or

intervene unless your baby clearly needs attention, just reassure them that you are there

and let them have time to explore.

When baby is little you can offer them objects from the basket, but if baby makes a choice

go with that as this is good for developing self -confidence, self -esteem and a sense of self.

Here are some ideas for types of treasure baskets with some suggestions for items which

can be used for each type. Natural Objects, Wood and Paper, Rolling Objects, Metal Objects,

Bathroom Basket, Brush Basket, Smelly Basket, Different weight Baskets, Texture Baskets,

Colour Baskets, Season Baskets, Seaside Baskets etc Let your imagination run away with


Remember to check the contents of the basket regularly, cleaning objects and removing any

damaged items. Remember that any article can be dangerous if babies are left


Other Sensory ideas

  • Add some sand or uncooked rice in a small foil container for baby to touch and stand baby in it so that they can feel the different textures on their feet.

  • Have some crinkled foil trays, babies love to band them together as they are light and very, very noisy !

  • Make a rug (if you can sew) or collect different fabric swatches with different colours and textures i.e. bobbly, furry, sequinned, carpet, striped, leather, silky, see- through, iridescent, towelling etc Make sure that edges are smooth and that baby cannot choke on fibres etc

  • Make some ice cubes and add flowers or a little food colouring for baby to touch with feet and hands, not to eat!

When playing on the floor put some things slightly out of reach so that they learn to reach, roll, kick their legs and move their arms. This also gives you a reason to give lots of praise and cuddles when they get to it. It’s always good to have cuddles.

I hope this has given you some ideas. Next time I will look at play and development of 6 to

12 months olds

Happy playtime!

Conchita xx

For more playtime ideas and information about your baby's development look out for Nutrition and Nurture's online 'Play and Development' workshops.

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