Raynauld's and Breastfeeding - My Story (Guest Blog - by Nicola Williams)

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

For the first few days after my son was born, we had trouble latching, but the problems didn’t really manifest until a couple of weeks later. The pain from breast feeding gradually worsened and my little boy began to lose more and more weight.

I remember many panicked nights phoning the 24 hour breastfeeding support helpline because my son would not suckle properly. During the day, to gain access to support it meant driving for at least 30 minutes because so many support groups had closed due to funding in our area. The only help available was at the hospitals, and although the midwives we met with tried their best to help, the support was inconsistent and left me more confused. Each time I was shown a new way to position him, we would seem to have cracked it, but then we would arrive home to find we were struggling again. Every time I lost more and more confidence. I felt like I was spending the time I should be bonding with my son desperately seeking help.